You create your own demons.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation - Shaunta Grimes

Viral Nation is a dystopian novel set in a fictive world, where the whole country of America has been swept down with a virus, crippling and killing almost every single person, so everyone has to take doses and doses of suppressants to keep themselves alive, where time traveling to two years isn't impossible, and where somewhere, somewhere out there, a revolution is starting. 

And Clover Donovan, an autistic time traveler, in order to save her brother from being blamed for a murder that wasn't his fault, set off to find help from her friend, Jude, and his fellow misfits from foster city. Together, they all go out of the city walls to find out more about the revolution, the future, what's real and what's not, the company, who they really are, and the parts they'll play in order to save their world from lies, deciet, and more. 

Viral Nation was a great novel. The change of point of views didn't bother me at all, and I loved the fact that this book kept my mind running with questions. What are the presidential quotes really for? Are they really a way of communication? What did Bennett want with Bridget? It was amazing. A good dystopian novel, and one that isn't hard to read. It's actually pretty easy to get lost onto Clover and West's world, to imagine yourself as yes, one of them. A freak for freedom. 

Though sometimes, as usual, the characters bothered me a little  Really, one of them annoyed me to the point where I almost wanted to break my screen. Though I totally understand why they do what they sometimes do, it's just hard not to not get annoyed. It's kind of a part of me now, I guess. But overall? It was a really good book. I love Clover's strong willed nature, and It had a good plot. I thought that it was a brilliant take towards the dystopian genre. It was intriguing, and everything that I expected it to be. Admittedly, the ending left me hanging and wanting more. So I guess I can assure you all that it won't disappoint you. 

P.S: Thanks to Penguin Group and NetGalley for lending me a copy of this book.